Teaching PNIEB... ideas and cool things

For second unit: the museum exhibition project, I gave my students choices like: animals, dinosaurs, science and insect.

They choose science, so the Science Fair was on.

I surfed a lot searching for easy and less-messy experiments. This is the list of the 19 experiments that I liked the most with instructions and explations.

This presentation is introduce the topic or to get ideas to know what to expect or to review the results of all experiments.

They worked their translation skills and the use of dictionary with the instructions. The good thing that the scientific language has a lot of words with similiar meaning in Spanish.

The result were… more or less. Some teams disppointed me, some surprised me and others did exactly what I was expecting of them.


The welcome sign. I liked it a lot.


This girls really made their effort but the dough got so watery…

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