Writing an Autobiographical Anecdote

Teaching PNIEB... ideas and cool things

The first project of the fourth unit is about Share personal experiences in a conversation.

If you don’t have a textbook, try to make conversations is hard about anecdotes. I finally got hold of one updated textbook and looks complicated still.

So I focused in storytelling, something we have been working on during the school year with the comic strips and the silent movies.

Besides, Spring Break is so near that it’s almost impossible to make students focus on something else that beach time. So, I am focusing on Personal Anecdotes about travels and schools.

  1. Work on reading comprehension with the travel anecdotes.
  2. Practice verbs and grammar with the verb list.
  3. Read the teenager anecdote as an example for the project.
  4. Work on project.
  5. Present project in front of the class.

I give it a try last year and I am sharing the printable that I used.

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