Tech & Learning eNews, April, 2013

While the following links might not be the best reading for a Monday morning, they are necessary. The investigative website Propublica posted a sobering story last week about the most egregious teacher cheating scandals. The recent indictments regarding Atlanta’s “erasure parties” made the list as well as other dubious achievements in Los AngelesWashington DC, and Philadelphia. Doesn’t look like the pundits expect any better results from the impending Common Core testing and assessment practices. When there is criticism posted from both the Washington Post— Why Common Core tests won’t be what Arne Duncan promised — and the National Review— It Doesn’t Take a Tinfoil Hat to Critique Common Core — within 24 hours of each other, you know testing proponents (are there any?) are going to have a bad time. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director

Other Top Stories from Around the Web
• Sioux Falls to Assign Students iPads, Chromebooks
• 10 Outstanding QR Readers for iPad
• The Tech Industry’s Massive Marketing Problem
• JHU Partners with Coursera to Offer Free Online Classes
• School Budgets and Social Media: Leaders at the Edge
Top Stories from
• Classroom Marketing: Advertising to Your Target Audience
• Site of the Day: Acid (and Base) Rainbows
• New Tools for Schools
• The 6 Cs for Using Social Media During Times of Grief
• Survey: Educators Concerned about Resources, Time to Meet CCSS Goals
Poll Question of the Week
• Have you tried a MOOC yet? Click here to vote.
Mark Brumley @markbrumley
Twitter for PD, a teacher friendly tutorial you are welcome to use.
Blog Quote of The Day

I can’t see how a 1:1 programme could be properly supported without Digital Leaders in the classroom. There isn’t the funding or manpower to support all teachers and students and, if I’m honest, I think fellow students are better equipped in many situations. There is a time commitment to the process and the initial setup is crucial to success. However, I can assure you it is worth it and the payback for all the questions you don’t have to answer cannot be underestimated.
– Daniel Edwards
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• Understanding the Technology Adoption Curve in Education 
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• Common Core and IT
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Additional Resources
• eBook: Common Core Standards, New Teaching Methods and the Technologies to Support Them
• Poster: Understanding the Technology Adoption Curve
• Tech & Learning University
• Supplement: BYOD – A Work in Progress
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