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New planning format

A reflexionar sobre las formas de planeación didáctica en Inglés, tomada de:

This post is simple.

Last Friday, we have a meeting with my elementary teachers peers.

The office presented a new planning format which being honest I don’t like because I am accustomed to plan weekly and now by projects or months. Of course, it’s less paper and more trees, but I think I will be doing some double planning to get all the ideas right. Awful!

For those who want to see the new format or want it, this is the official link in excel format.

But, I made my version in WORD which for me is more printer friendlier.


First unit… the beginning of the end (third grade of secondary)

Con el enorme gusto de anunciarles el seguir al  blog:


y ofrecer sus estupendas entradas, dirigida a docentes de Inglés, aprovechamos para invitar a docentes con producciones similares a compartir y colaborar.

Complaints and emotional stories are the main ideas of the first unit of 3rd grade of secondary.

I don’t teach 3rd grade in Secondary, but as the Academy chief (Yes, I am the boss) I have to do everything in my power to make my Academy works as neat as a Rolex watch. So, I made as example the first unit of 3rd grade for everybody to see.

DISCLAIMER: It’s one idea. it’s NOT the only idea.