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Skeletons and Illustrated dialogues and comic strips… results


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Halloween is this week and right next is Dia de los Muertos, my favorite holiday to close this month and the most representative Mexican Holiday around the world.

In my state, the tradition is not as glued to our society as in other states.

In most schools this week is for making and presenting altars. This is the perfect opportunity to reinforce Mexican traditions.

The most common activity are coloring skulls with name tags and making costumes to skeletons.

Two year ago, I took out this printable to make the school bulletin board.

Illustrated dialogues and comic strips… results

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At the end of the September, my students and I finished the first product: illustrated dialogues and comic strips.

I am showing, obviously, the perfect ones.

For me the results were still so/so but definitely an improvement of last year.

I think I am finally getting it. The comic strip are based on the book Tyrone the Big Bad Bully by Hans Wilhelm at

I ask student to draw their favorite parts… Probably the next year the results will be better and more perfect.

First unit… the beginning of the end (third grade of secondary)

Con el enorme gusto de anunciarles el seguir al  blog:


y ofrecer sus estupendas entradas, dirigida a docentes de Inglés, aprovechamos para invitar a docentes con producciones similares a compartir y colaborar.

Complaints and emotional stories are the main ideas of the first unit of 3rd grade of secondary.

I don’t teach 3rd grade in Secondary, but as the Academy chief (Yes, I am the boss) I have to do everything in my power to make my Academy works as neat as a Rolex watch. So, I made as example the first unit of 3rd grade for everybody to see.

DISCLAIMER: It’s one idea. it’s NOT the only idea.