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Super Mom — Teaching PNIEB… ideas and cool things

Sometimes, let’s face. We are out of ideas for a holiday. It’s difficult to outbeat yourself or try not to repeat last year. Well, last year, I had an idea and it went okay. I made a printable, a card for students’ moms. And some corny and cheap earrings. I personally believe it works for […]

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Birthday Lollipops

Teaching PNIEB... ideas and cool things

Last year, I made a huge list of birthdays of all my students to give them just a little something. I found this awesome add in Play called Birthday and I used it on my cellphone to remind me of the dates. There are other but this was simple.

I bought the biggest jar of lollipops.


I made printableto stick to the stick. (This sentence sounds silly)

Lollipop Labels All Together

This is more or less how they look (yeah, right!)

I’m loving this idea for this year. Super cute!

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Before Starting, the Odyssey for Secondary Textbooks

Teaching PNIEB... ideas and cool things

I mentioned before Summer vacations that textbooks arrived in both the Secondary schools where I work. (Read: Ending the School Year on a Good Note)


On the first school day, I snuck in to make inventory and surprise surprise. There weren’t enough books in one school for the whole school population. Actually, not even one shift (that’s the correct word?) for First Grade, not even for 3 classrooms (there are 10 per grade) for Second and Third grade. Sad, sad.  We made the complaint letter, stating the amount of book required, and so on. We are still waiting…


Inmediatelly, I went to the other school to sneak in again. In this inventory, there were plenty of books in 1st grade (which I am teaching this school year) like 250 extra, because they sent from two publisher companies. The extra boxes belonged from two years inventory which got late AS…

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How teachers can best use TED Talks in class, from the perspective of a student

TED Blog

What happens when a teacher mixes Madame Bovary and a TED Talk? Good things, actually. Photo: iStockphoto What happens when a teacher mixes Madame Bovary and a TED Talk? Good things, actually. Photo: iStockphoto

By Olivia Cucinotta

My high school English class had just finished reading Madame Bovary, and we were all confused. (For those of you who have not read it, please skip to paragraph two. Spoiler alert!) Emma Bovary, a listless housewife in search of the passionate love she’s read about in books, has many sordid affairs, falls deeply into debt and kills herself by swallowing arsenic, and her ever-faithful and terribly dull husband Charles dies a while later of a broken heart, and their daughter, upon finding her father dead, is sent to work in a cotton mill. We were all baffled and upset by the end of this intense, complicated novel. When we arrived in class the next day, our teacher asked us the question: “What can we learn about real love…

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Bloom y el inglés

Habíamos iniciado reblogueando algunas entradas relacionadas con la enseñanza del Inglés sin crear una categoría específica para compilarlas, hemos tenido creciente interés en estos materiales para docentes, así que a partir de esta entrada vamos a colocar nuevos materiales para docentes de Inglés, esperando atender las expectativas de nuestros lectores a la vez que les invitamos a compartirnos sus experiencias en esa asignatura, emprendemos pues un nuevo viaje, gracias a quienes nos acompañen.


HEMOS Hablado ya de la taxonomía de Bloom UNAS CUANTAS Veces. Por EJEMPLO en ESTAS Entradas:

Ahora te presento this Gráfico Que Puede del servirte párr Practicar algunos verbos Más en inglés, o trabajarla Con Tus Alumnos en la Clase, o planificar tus Próximos Objetivos en la materia Que enseñas. Una tarea easy párr ESTOS Días de Calor. ESTA Elaborado Por Mia MacMeeken de Epigogy y anethicalisland .

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